August always arrives with a sweet nostalgia as the summer turns.

June and July on the central coast of California are often filled with what my grandmother called “June Gloom”.  Cold air from the bay sweeps in creating a deep fog bank and temperatures in the high 60s. Which is great… but not really summer.

August shifts us into the summer weather I remember as a child.

This morning I took my sweatshirt off to walk and watched the many birds that crossed my path – ever present crow reminding me of the magic in everyday, a covey of quail bobbing along the path and one bright yellow bird with black bands on its wings. 

This is the season to sink in before the harvest begins. To listen deeply to what our soul is desiring. To hear the whispers and nudges of our guides and guardians. To heed the wisdom of our Record Keepers. 

It is the time to dream the next evolution of our businesses, to release what we are currently clinging to, and step off the cliff into the next level.

It is the perfect time to look at our beliefs about money, about our right and responsibility to become wealthy, our wounds that falsely convince us that we are not worthy. 

It is time to challenge what society and our ancestors taught us about women not being smart with money.

It is time to open your channels for money to flow through you providing the resources for your dreams to flourish.

Take a moment and allow your dream to surface.

Is it a 6 or 7-figure business that shows women the way home to themselves? That creates space for deep healing so your people discover happiness? That gives your tribe the tools to lay down their fears and boldly claim their dreams?

And maybe your dream includes some juicy adventures that raise your vibration…. A month in Italy with your beloved? A dream vacation with your whole family to a tropical island? A client retreat on Kauai where the energy of the island aids in the transformation you provide?

Let your dreams bubble to the surface. Feel them. Celebrate them.

And imagine the Energy of Money rushing in to support your dreams as a trusted and respected ally. 

This is what we are up to in the Alchemy of Money program.

In 4-weeks you’ll create a brand-new relationship with money, opening your channels of receiving so you can double or even triple your income by Christmas! 

We start Monday, so comment below NOW and let me know you want to be considered. 

With all my heart,

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