Today, in my meditations, wolf appeared.

Wolves are wild creatures, feared and mispresented because their power is uncontained, uncontainable. This frightens those that would subjugate all the beings of the world, those who judge themselves by how much power they hold OVER others. 

The wolf neither hides its power, nor lords it over others.

The wolf is a reflection of our own wild nature.  

Wolf tells me that this the message for me, to bring myself more fully alive. And also, a message for you, to hear with your knowing self, to bring you closer to your Divine Purpose. 

“I want you to know you are not alone. We are here with you, guiding you in rewilding the practice of undoing of that which society has taught you must be. It is an unwinding of societal lessons that keep humans small and helpless.

In your wild state you are powerful. Touching the magic of Source energy. Creating magical and amazing things. Bringing to life new ideas that profoundly change the world.

In your caged state your magic becomes toxic. Your creations are used to destroy and kill the beauty of life. 

Yet, the cage is open. You now get to choose which way to live. You get to leave the cage with it’s gilded promises that are actually made of tin. 

The cage promises comfort and safety. The cage holds promises of protection from the storms of the world, from the unkind words of those that would keep your power hidden from you. 

The promises are lies.

When you lay in that cage, these promises suck your power, your energy, they suck your success to build their own. They create a world built on false promises and stolen energy.

You do not have to fight. We wolves, despite what the stories say, only fight when it’s truly necessary. 

Simply step from the cage, run on Mama Earth, feel the energy of all that is, BE.

Your rewilding the rituals  will yield  practices that heal the rifts upon the earth, that allow the soil to regain the ability to provide sustenance, that rebalances that trees and the air. 

Light candles that remind your soul of the fire that burns within, that lights the dark corners so that all those parts of you that you have hidden may come out of the shadow. Bringing the witch and the priestess, the seductress and the inner child back into your awareness, reintegrating all the parts of you that were torn apart to contain you. 

Whisper words of power and healing in the wind, to be carried across the earth. And place those same words into your marketing, into your money management, into the work with your clients so they, too, may know your wisdom.

Walk lightly upon the Earth, always aware that she is we and we are her. 

When humans remember and rewild, the planet will heal.”

Dear one, shall we step from this cage into the wild unknown? Will you join me in rewilding?

With all my heart,

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