This morning I felt stuck and unsure of my next right step. I have three big events I want to create….

… no, five….

… maybe more….

My head started to spin out of control.

And so, I stopped.

No need to take action on any of it from that state.

I came present and opened space to connect with Source, with my guides, with my Record Keepers. None of that was working. My monkey mind was really loud.

I easily found distraction after distraction. 

I decided to try a different tool.

Being in nature, being on Mama Earth often allows the correct right steps to show up. I decided to get out of the house and walk the wilderness out my back door. Or maybe take a quick drive to the ocean and sit on the beach. Be, listen, allow – allowing answers and allowing nothing. Being ok with both and either.

Before I could get my shoes on,  my phone dinged with a new client, ready to get started. 

Perhaps this was a sign.?!?

I stopped wondering about my next right steps. 

I’m excited for her, excited to work with her, excited for the magic and transformation she is bringing to her clients. It’s always such an honor and a joy when a client says yes. 

I sent an agreement, took payment info, set up my brand-new client for the start of our journey together. I did a little happy dance, then turned back to the issue of what is next…..

I closed my eyes and felt into each direction. 

What if I did this? What if that? How does that feel? 

As I played the what if, how would it feel game, I was lit up by one thing… so I took a little step, easily erased, and got more lit up. 

I also felt relieved that I didn’t HAVE to do the other things (right now).

I’m excited to share with you what the next right step is. (And I will, once I confirm a couple of things).

 I’m continuing to follow that trickle as it grows into excitement for what is to come.

I share this story for two reasons.

First, I want you to know that even though I have a thriving business and a great life, I don’t always have the answers; sometimes, I feel stuck and foggy. I have to do the work, engage in the practices, to create magic.

And second, to share some of my favorite “get unstuck” practices.

 – Connect with Source
 – Stand on Mama Earth and BE
 – Dream it and listen to what lights you up

With all my heart,

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