I was on a podcast the other day talking about money.

We women need to get greedy,” I declared.

The host and I talked about that for a while. Was greedy really the right word? Was there something a little less… triggering that I could say?

The more that I think about this conversation, the more that I realize,  greedy is indeed the right word. 

We, as women, have been made to feel guilt and shame for our wants and desires. To feel embarrassed by our pleasures. The patriarchy, acting in the lower realms of masculine energy, has attempted to bully us into lesser versions of who we are, robbing us of our ability to be fully in this experiment of being human.

The unwritten rules of society, passed unconsciously through the generations, tell us to be good girls. To be virginal in our passions. To be satisfied with what we have. To be grateful for the opportunities that we have been granted by a society that still values our gifts less than those of men. 

The belief that there is a limited supply of money and clients creates a business world of competition and lack. We are told that to be successful we must scramble and fight, but to be good girls we must share and sacrifice for others. 

Yet, something is stirring. The Divine Feminine is calling us to return to our natural, wild state. To fully embrace the experience of being a divine soul having a human experience. To get greedy. To desire. To create. To call in the abundance, the joy and the freedom that is meant to be ours.

As we revel in our own desires, tapping into the creative energy of Source, we expand our ability to create in the physical plane. And our expansion within Source, expands the nature of creative energy for everyone.

Just like love expands when a new baby is born, abundance expands when we claim our piece of it. 


Dare to be greedy, Goddess.

Be greedy for the silky juiciness of summer days and the sharp brilliance of winter nights.

Be greedy for the many forms of love and belonging. 

Be greedy for sex that catches your breath and pleasure that brings you home to the moment.

Be greedy for adventure and exploration and growth and learning.

Be greedy for the experience of stepping across the veil and connecting with your divine essence.

Be greedy for deep, meaningful conversations and light,  silly sing-a-longs on car rides.

Be greedy for the financial abundance that allows your to fully experience the human journey.

Be greedy for yourself…

… and be greedy for those you love. Be greedy for their dreams. For their experiences. For their joy. For their full expression. 

Be greedy for the planet, the me that we walk upon. For Mama Earth’s health and wealth. Be greedy for our children and grandchildren’s highest and best future.

Be greedy for the full expression of the love that Source holds for us to be made manifest upon the planet.

This is our birthright. This is our souls calling. This is our purpose for being here at this time. Let’s get greedy.

With all my heart,

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