I held my last Art of Feminine Marketing Live event at the end of Feb 2020, on the brink of huge change for the world.

While it often feels like much has gone back to “normal”, it has not.

The world has changed, we have changed. The whispers from the unseen world are a little more urgent. 

“Darlings”, they say, “this is the time you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been playing in your magic and working at being human. Now is the time to bring them together. You have more access now. We have broken the world open, allowed her magic to pour forth. You are she, she is you. 

You can no longer stay hidden, doing your magic in your tiny corner, as the light has come to the corners.

And this is good news, because those who most need you can now find you. 

Those whose pain you are here to heal, can see you.

They will know you are the one when you speak the language of their heart’s desires, guiding them to the visions they have dreamt between breaths.”

Speaking your tribe’s language happens on three different levels.

The first is the heart. When you speak to the heart, using what I call magic marketing words, your prospects feel heard and seen by you. Their pain is acknowledged and their dreams are validated.

Magic marketing words create a connection that allows your prospects to feel less alone, more hopeful and loved. They create an energetic force that pulls clients closer to saying yes to your offers.

The second level is the head. This is where so many soul-fueled entrepreneurs get stuck. I see and hear so much talk about the transformation… “come home to yourself” “embody your true self” “live your dreams” “discover who you are”….

If you’ve used those words, or others like them, don’t fret. Those are some of the tools to solving your tribe’s problems. After all, when you know exactly who you are and your life’s purpose,  you tend to become hugely unstoppable. Yet the mind doesn’t respond to this.

The mind wants data. Its only job is to collect data. And without the right data, it simply won’t sign off on buying your services…. No matter how good you are.

That data must solve a physical world problem that is creating immediate, unacceptable pain. It must, as one of my mentors said, be as finger-pointing as possible.

I’ll say it again: the mind needs specific, detailed data. 

Finally, speaking your tribe’s language happens on a soul level.

This happens in the spirit realm, in the holiest of space of connection with all that is. In this space there is recognition that you are the one they have been crying for, you are the one that promised to meet them on physical plane to help them solve this problem.

While they might not even be aware of this part of the equation, your attention to this spirit connection makes attracting the right clients 1000% easier. 

This is the Art of Feminine Marketing.

With all my heart,

BTW – Just because the last event was in Feb of 2020… that doesn’t make it the last one. Watch this space for a BIG announcement coming soon…..😉

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