Let’s gather together for a deep healing, business building, money opening retreat November 19-20, 2022 in Pajaro Dunes on the Central Coast of California!

Let’s shake off the remnants of the last two years and craft the path forward, with a new paradigm of business that honors the Divine Feminine. 

At The Art of Feminine Business Sistermind Retreat: Ignite your Feminine Business Magic you’ll work on both levels: the inner and outer, the physical plane and the spirit world, marketing and magic. 

Day One:  we’ll dig into the principles of the Art of Feminine Marketing, a key component for doing business from your Divine Feminine. You’ll learn: 

  • the three levels of speaking your soul-client’s language and 
  • how to discover your unique, personalized Magic Marketing Words.

Words which, when sprinkled into your marketing, will create a heart connection with those you are meant to work with, pulling them closer to saying yes to your magnetic offers. 

Day Two: we’ll 

  • explore your relationship with money
  • uncover hidden blocks that close your money flow and 
  • discover new practices to clear the blocks and open your channels for receiving more.

Plus, you’ll have lots of time to network, mastermind, and celebrate in a loving community of fellow Goddesses, Witches, Source-erouses, secret sacred practitioners, and soul-centered women entrepreneurs.

If you are:

Ready to call in the energy of Money, opening your channels of receiving so that ever-increasing money flows on an ongoing basis….

… providing your human body with abundant support

… so that you have the freedom to do the soul work you were born to do;

Ready to discover the language of your right tribe

… those souls that you agreed to serve before you were even born

… who are crying in the middle of the night, waiting for you to show up and lead them out of the pain they are experiencing

… so that your words, your marketing, your beingness lights a pathway that they can follow to you;

Ready to drop the mask of that nice girl that society taught you were necessary…

… to be an accepted member of the community

… to make your family proud

… to avoid being left alone and helpless in a bitter world

… and embody the powerful Creatrix who writes her own rules of business and success;

Ready to be done with the gurus who push business strategies designed for men…

… that ignore a woman’s innate ability to create from her connection to the Divine

… that tell you to ignore your natural rhythms and push through to exhaustion 

… that tell you that YOU are the problem for not being more man-like in your business

… and embrace the new paradigm of soul-fueled, heart-centered, fierce and gentle Feminine Business.

Join us November 19 and 20, 2022 for Ignite your Feminine Business Magic In beautiful Pajaro Dunes, on the Central California Coast. 

You’ll spend two days in the love and respect of a community of like-minded soul-sisters exploring the new paradigm of business and crafting new strategies, tools and practices for taking your business to the next level.

I’m committed to getting more money into the hands of more women.

To do that, we have to create business strategies that work for women. That acknowledge we are the creators, the life givers, a channel for Divine Feminine energy.

At Ignite your Feminine Business Magic you’ll discover the strategies that work for you, to increase your income 50%, 100% or even 200% in the coming year. 

Register now to reserve your seat for only $297.

With all my heart,

Questions? Send me a message at julie@juliefoucht.com and I’ll get you the answers you need.

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