The doors are open for our annual gathering of community: Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic retreat November 19 & 20, 2022 in beautiful Pajaro Dunes, on the beach in Central California. 

As I started thinking about gathering our community again, after the crazy experience of the last couple of years, I knew that I wanted to create something new, different.

Returning to what we had always done would dishonor the experience we’ve all been through and the evolutions we are all experiencing.

And so, instead of plotting a marketing strategy and reaching out to hotels for space, I stopped and listened. I tapped into my Akashic Records. I embodied my Higher Self allowing that part of me to walk on Mama Earth. I spent time in a bubble bath (lots of bubble baths) dreaming what could be, what would feel delicious, what would best serve the tribe.

A vision began to unfurl itself.

I didn’t want a live hotel event with people sitting small and powerless in their uncomfortable hotel chairs all day scribbling notes they would never look at again.

Instead, I envisioned a warm nest for exploring the next level of growth for yourself and your business.

A space where you will feel the energy of Mama Earth supporting you as you tap into your divine feminine wisdom discovering new ways of doing business that uniquely fit YOU.

In my vision, away from the pull of the outside world, your divine masculine would produce concrete action steps to get you off of the hamster wheel of do-do-do and into the dance of creating true Financial and Soul-filled success.

I dreamed of returning to Pajaro Dunes, a place where I’ve taken my private clients many times, where the ocean beckons with the energy of transformation. 

My masculine took the lead and booked the room, just like that! 

And so, you are invited to join us.

If you’ve been with us before, you know the magic that happens with a group of women, who are committed to making a lot of money while also making a difference, gather.

If you are new, you are in for a delightful surprise as the Feminine guides us to a deeper understanding …

Of our Divine Right work… so you know how to tell people what you do … and they get it…

Of our soul-mate clients… so you recognize the three levels of soul-client communication and begin to attract the right people magnetically

Of our right relationship with money… so you can double or triple your income in less than a year.

I invite you to consider what is possible for you after attending the retreat…and share your dreams with me. 

Since this is not some big, cold hotel, space is limited. 

Reserve your seat today.

With all my heart,

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