Every week we have women newly join our Facebook community. When they do, I send the question, “What is your biggest struggle in your business, the thing that leaves you feeling lost, embarrassed, and alone?”

I read every one of those answers. And the most common is not knowing how to attract clients.

If that’s you, I have great news!

I’m going to share, in depth, how to magically attract the right clients at the Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic Live Retreat November 19-20, Pajaro Dunes, Ca.

You’ll learn the three levels of client communication that you must wrap into your marketing to make it super effective in drawing your soul-clients to you:

  • How using your unique, magic marketing words creates a heart connection that produces an easy “yes” to your offers when shared with the right prospects…. And where to find your magic words;
  • Crafting validated and respected talking points… so that your clients can clearly see the ROI in hiring you NOW;
  • Building spiritual practices to light the pathway to your work and your wisdom in the spirit realms, so that you people sigh in relief when they discover your work and say, “Ah, I’ve been looking for you! Will you work with me?”

Now, you can have the best marketing in the world, but if your money channels are clogged, you’ll end up unconsciously tanking your sales calls. So, we are going to spend a full day opening your money pathways to an ever-expanding flow.

You will: 

 – explore your relationship with money; 
 – uncover hidden blocks that close your money flow; and 
 – discover new practices to clear the blocks and open your channels for receiving more.

You know that the work you do is of value. And you know the bitterness and frustration of sending messages out into the world only to hear silence in return. It’s time to change this.

You know what it’s like to dream of standing on a stage, spreading your healing magic, and being well paid for it. You can almost taste it. It’s time to make the dream a reality on the physical plane.

And let’s do it live, together again, in community, where women thrive. 

Our retreat location is a hidden gem on the California coast. We will gather with the energy of the Ocean supporting us and a wild, windswept beach calling us back to our full, powerful, potent selves.

I invite you to consider joining us at the special, early bird investment of only $297.

Click here now to reserve your seat.

With all my heart,


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