I returned last Monday from co-facilitating a Sex and Money retreat with Lindsay A. Miller.

This was the third time we’ve hosted this event, yet now it seemed so much more potent. In this time where women’s rights are being eroded, it seems even more important to reclaim those parts of ourselves that have been shamed, belittled and hidden away. 

It seems even more vital to challenge the beliefs and societal rules that keep us small and disempowered. 

Coaching during the event allowed the women to release hidden beliefs, heal ancestral and past life trauma, and commit to new ways of being in the world. Then we added photography as an opportunity to practice being fully themselves in the real world, calling forth hidden and shamed parts out of the shadow to be reintegrated. 

New beliefs became hardwired into their bodies through the lens. And the photos then act as a recorded structure, a sort of reminder, calling them back to the fullness of their being whenever the world pressures them to shut down. 

Sensual, sexy, radiant, magnetic beings, and, as they opened these channels, the channel opened for more money to flow into their lives…because they are one and the same. 

One woman said that she “reclaimed the self I thought I had lost.” 

Within an hour of returning home, exhausted and exhilarated, I received a message from my mother. My dad was in hospice care, quickly fading.

I scrambled, booking tickets for five of us to fly out and say our last goodbyes. 

Dying is a fascinating thing. Yes, there is sadness and loss, and yet I’m also so aware that I will see him from the other side. Sensing the care of my relatives that have gone before, who are waiting with open arms, was so helpful.

In his room I felt the soul of my aunt Mary, always a leader in our family, arrive. She was followed by grandparents and aunts and uncles and my Dad‘s brother who have all passed ahead of him.

The house became heavy with spirits arriving and I had to bubble around myself to protect my energy.

Aunt Mary explained that they were there to midwife him to the other side. Dying it seems, is not just ceasing to exist in this world, it is being born back into the spirit world.

I wish I could have stayed for the whole process on this side, but aunt Mary assured me that they had it covered and they would carry him as gently as possible across the veil.

And so I am left this week both in the sadness of my father‘s passing and the deep, almost angry, pull to ensure that more women are liberated, given the freedom to do the work that they came to the planet to do, opening the channels for money and life and joy and the full experience of being human. 

Because while my dad may have made some mistakes in raising me as “a ‘girl’  “to be cared for” in the world, he lead with the example of living a full, creative, wildly his own life.

And that is the legacy that I will carry, that I will champion in the world.

With my whole heart,

 PS… We still have a few seats available for our annual gathering of community: Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic retreat November 19 & 20, 2022 in beautiful Pajaro Dunes, on the beach in Central California. 

Join us as we tap into the Divine Feminine and open the channels for your full, creative, wildly YOU life.

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