This November we are gathering to Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic.

I’ve chosen a location that is not a typical event site. I just couldn’t stand the thought of a cold hotel room, no matter how much magic I brought in.

So, we are meeting at the beach, in a lovely community room that I’ve used for my private client retreats. 

The setting is really magical with the waves crashing on the shore and the east wind blowing with inspiration. Mama Earth will support and ground us as we explore how, as women, we are called to do things differently. How we are called to bring our full, creative, important work into the world NOW!

Here’s the thing. I have a plan, an outline, of what to share.

Within that outline are spaces for Source to move us, to flow through us, to create deep healing, not just for those in attendance, but also for those whose lives they will touch when they leave.

And yet, I’m also doing this differently. Which means, the plan may be thrown out the window. Source may guide us to deeper work that I can’t foresee. 

At my events:

Fear is transformed… 

women have reclaimed power, 

started new businesses, 

hired teams, 

downloaded new programs,

and increased their revenue massively without having to give up sleeping, time with their loved ones or their self- care routine.

The reality is, the Feminine needs …

 time to dream and receive the next evolution

… space to experience the power of Source running through our bodies

… connection with other fabulous women, mirroring our own magic back at us

… liberty to reclaim the parts of us that we’ve hidden in the shadows, 

… and freedom to be all of who we are.

When the feminine is allowed to flow in this way…

The Divine Masculine is most effective in taking aligned action.

Work flows, takes less time, and has better results.

If any of that resonates with you…

… you feel the pull of doing business differently, the feminine way…

Join Us November 19-20 in Pajaro Dunes on the shores of Monterey Bay.

Click her to reserve your seat.

With all my heart


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