Are you joining us for our LIVE RETREAT in November?

This is the first time we’ve opened the doors to gather in almost three years!

I am beyond excited.

The last three years have seen us all redefine ourselves, our businesses and how we walk on the planet.

At times, I’ve felt lost and alone. I was betrayed by someone I trusted. Suffered the disappointment of not being able to do things that had worked beautifully before. And felt deeply the loss of loved ones.

And yet, there was always this knowing that we were not being punished by some feared authority. 

We were being cracked open and shown a different way.

I started my journey with the Divine Feminine years before and she delivered so many new insights and lessons during the pandemic.

I’m going to share the Wisdom of the Divine with you in November.

If that sounds a little “full of myself”, so be it.

We are, all of us, born of Source energy, naturally attuned to receive Source wisdom. As children, we are taught to forget. We are taught to be workers in the assembly lines of the industrial age. We are schooled out of our magic.

Magic to connect with your potential clients with ease.

Magic to call in money and abundance when you desire.

Magic to stretch time in order to get the important things done and still have time to play.

Magic that tingles your whole body with vibrant, juicy energy.

At the Ignite Your Business Magic retreat you will remember your magic, find new ways to use it to create your dream business and delight in the community of women gathered together.

Want to join us?

Early bird tickets are only $297. But early bird with expire soon. Reserve your seat now.

With all my heart,



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