This November I’m gathering our community of women to Ignite our Magic so that we can prosper in abundance in 2023. 

I mean, seriously, 2020 was hard. 2022 the boat was still rocking. (Both my MIL and my dad passed. It still seems surreal!)

The good news is that my business prospered.

I’ve been doing things differently for a long time. But when the world cracked open with the pandemic, Source winked at me. 

My unseen guides and guardians took a long breath. My Record Keepers beckoned. “Time to give up the illusion that you are in control,” they gently proclaimed.

I entered a new, deeper connection with Source. I gave up having to have everything “figured out” months in advance. I responded instead to nudges from the Divine, laying out plans and strategies as they were needed.

My Divine Masculine that – part of me that loves to take action, that loves to plan, loves accomplishments – was ecstatic. And the results were amazing.

And if you are tired of all that “angel talk”, here is an example.

I had a strategy session with an amazing woman who said, “Working with you is the right thing for me, but not one-on-one…. I really want a group.”

I wasn’t planning to offer a group program until the end of the year.

My inner saboteurs sent up red flags, “I’m not ready, it takes a lot of prep to put together a group, it takes so much effort to find the people, I should not do things that are not thoroughly planned.”

However, my body opened. I tingled at the thought.

“Let me see what I can do,” I told her.

The next day I sent a couple of emails. And two more women jumped at the chance to join us. We quickly  had our “Party of Five”  with one more accepted invitation, and that was it!

These are the BEST clients. They do what they say they will do. They take action. They dig deeply and do the healing work. They serve their clients well.

Instead of turning away 4 amazing clients because it didn’t come together the way I planned (including months of lead time), I made thousands of dollars in a few days, with just a few emails.

This is what happens when you open to doing things in a Divinely Guided, Soul Connected, Source Validated way.

At the Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic retreat, we are going to open your channels, so you have results just like this in 2023 and beyond! 

This is a small group retreat, so don’t wait. Claim your seat today.

With all my heart,


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