Goddess, this is your invitation to play!

Bring your silly, sweet, important little inner girl…

… and your sensual, sexy Goddess

… and your badass rocker chick

And discover how each of them is vital to your business growth.

This is an invitation to

 let go of formulas designed by men for men

… drop the masks that the patriarchy says you have to wear to be acceptable

… stop pretending you are small and alone and left out.

Goddess, I see you

I see your fierce fire

Your sexy, wild, howl at the moon inner priestess

Your deeply connected earth mama

And your magic, knowing witch.

I invite all of you to come and play Nov 19-20, 2022 when we gather in Sisterhood to Ignite your Feminine Magic.

It is through our Divine Feminine that our desires are birthed onto the physical planes.

… leading magical retreats on sacred land where women reclaim themselves

… creating legacy experiences that your children and grand children will remember long after you are gone

… feeling the love and respect of amazing clients when they post things like this: “@artoffemininebusiness … the divine light in me sees the divine light in you. Thank you from my soul to yours.”

It is through our Divine Feminine that we open the channels for money to flow to us. For soul-mate clients to find us. For our work to be more powerful, more impactful.

While the work we will do at the Ignite your Feminine Magic retreat is serious, it is also joy-filled, happy-dancing, fun. 

Check out the details here and claim your ticket.

With all my heart,


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