You’ve seen a lot of emails from  me lately about the Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic retreat.

So instead of more me talking more, I am sharing  some of the magic from others:

“Julie helped me find my soul’s clients; …. And she worked her alchemy to do deep soul work with me because she sensed I needed it. We dug deep, to heal past-life wounds that began to show up this week and needed to be cleared so I can keep working my own magic.” K. S. 

“Julie’s intuition and arsenal of tools always gives me what I need to work through whatever I am faced with. I am proud I have grown stronger in myself, more confident in my gifts and abilities and my ability to communicate openly and honestly has increased tremendously – it feels good to really be seen for who I am.” N. T.

“Julie never made my being different wrong, which is so important to me. Instead, she helped me to embrace it as my own unique imprint on the world and with that I became more solidified in my personal practices and more desirous of sharing it out into the world.” R. T.

“Julie brings the perfect blend of magic, introspection, crazy fun and the nuts and bolts of business.” E.W.

“I have rediscovered myself as a Woman, a Sacred Soulstress ready for more: more truth, more pleasure, more love, more living!” E. W.

“I feel more connected to my deeper truth, inner navigation system and know how to share the work I offer in the world… I am celebrating that I just had the highest income month I have had in my business in some time, and have opportunities lining up to make that trend continue.” T. N.

Want some of this magic for yourself?

I’m going to be straight forward and say, then come to our Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic retreat

We will be dipping into the healing power of the Divine Feminine and opening your channels for more money, more love and more abundance.

Save your seat here.

With all my heart,


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