Earlier this year I told my mastermind partner that I wanted to do more retreats. I’ve really missed the gathering of community over the years of the pandemic. While I appreciate the convenience of Zoom events, there is something magical about being in intimate space with women, doing deep transformative work.

As women, we are not designed to create alone. We are designed to sit in a circle and birth our visions into the world, throwing ideas and thoughts and energy into the community pot. Taking big breaths of the bright intoxicating magic that floats upward.

There is luxury in having days to do the work, instead of doling out minutes on a call, watching the clock to honor the agreed upon ending time. 

Having the spaciousness to uncover and release the vows of invisibility held over from a past life, when standing out as a powerful healer resulted in being tossed in a river to drown, or tied to a stake burning in agony, leaving behind children who were then tortured to remove the stain of the witch from their souls. 

Then, going deeper and releasing the vows of powerlessness, held since the life of leading an army against that of a sister’s army. One or both of you maimed, killed, lost. 

Allowing the ceremony of reclaiming to flow through me from Source as the fullness of a woman’s power is revealed, sometimes flickering the lights with pulses of energy.

And still having time to bang out a kick-ass marketing strategy that she is now cleared to implement.

This week, I’m leading one of these retreats for one of my private coaching groups, “Reclaiming the Goddess Within”.

Last month I co-facilitated our “Sex & Money Retreat” as well as a private retreat for a group of alum clients who are committed to stay on the path of growth.

It’s wild to think that when I ask for something that truly aligns with my soul purpose, it happens. It is also the most natural thing in the world.

I’m facilitating one more retreat this year, the Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic retreat Nov 19-20. We’ve opened this up to everyone. You don’t have to be a client. You don’t have to have attended a previous event, although you maybe you have, and you want some more magic. 😊 

You simply need to reserve your seat now.

We are focusing on clearing the pathway for you to create the magic, income and life you are dreaming of. 

Please join us here.

With all my heart,


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