Recently I had a conversation with my father. 

He passed away last month and I hadn’t taken the space to connect with him. It seemed too hard, too big. 

But I got the message one day last week that it was time. I was on my way to a nail appointment, so I marked the message in my head promising to “get to it.” 

With a deep breath, I pushed it away, pulled up my pant legs and settled into the salon chair with my feet soaking.

I glanced at the TV on the wall in front of me tuned to “My Lottery Dream House”. The lucky lottery winner was looking for a new home in Las Vegas….

… Las Vegas, 45 minutes west of my parent’s house

… Las Vegas, the airport we flew into when we went to say goodbye

… Las Vegas, where I tell people my parent’s lives because no one, literally no one who doesn’t live there, has ever heard of Logandale.

“Kk,” I think. “I get the point. I’ll get to it soooonnn.”

I turn my head to the TV at the other end of the room. I do not want to be reminded of Las Vegas. I want to watch amazing bakers create pastries I’ve never even heard of. However, the baker being featured at that very moment is creating a cake in honor of his hometown, Las Vegas. 

I tear up a little behind my mask. 

“I get it,” I think into the universe. “As soon as I can I’ll check in again.”

After my salon visit, I hop in the car and turn on the radio. (You’ll probably guess where this is going…)

They are doing a story about wildfires in …. Yep…. Las Vegas.

Sometimes the signs are so clear, you can’t ignore them.

Our unseen helpers, guides and guardians are in spirit space orchestrating things for our highest and best good.

On our human journey, we sometimes miss the whispers they send. Sometimes, we decide to ignore them, or put off their advice. 

And so, they keep sending messages, signs, and coincidences. Dreams, animal messengers and teachers appear. Sometimes it’s the timing of a TV show. Sometimes it’s a book that everyone mentions. Sometimes it’s an invitation that comes just after you’ve asked for guidance.

Your head will always try to create a logical explanation. Your head that is designed only to gather and store data, will jump to logical conclusions. It might even do the math: ‘If there are x# of TGBB and x# of MLDH each day, the odds of them hitting the airwaves at the same time are….’

To understand the signs, you have to let your head rest

You have to sink into the truth that Source is the source of all things, that you are made of Source energy, tuned to respond to Source light, and that Source desires that you live a life that is dreamed in your heart, lit by your soul and empowered by your connection to Source.

Therefore, your Spirit Guides, your angels, your Record Keepers are all sending messages to show you the way. 

So, I had the conversation. I saw, through a different lens, the lessons my father taught me, the lessons we agreed to before either of us was born into this life. 

This knowledge I will carry forward in my work. Healing the past for women, turning the grit of childhood wounds into the magic that makes them the perfect guide for their tribes, and getting more money into the hands of more women. 

When the signs align, and you listen, magic happens.

If this is a sign, if others are guiding you to it, I invite you to join us on November 19-20, Pajaro Dunes Ca, where we will Ignite Your Feminine Business Magic, opening the flow of clients, money and success.

Don’t wait, reserve your seat today.

With all my heart,


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