I’m bone tired, emptied out, yet tingling with fulfillment.

Just came home from three days of holding space for the rewilding of the women in one of my private coaching groups.

We spent the first day striping away the judgements and beliefs forced upon us by a society designed to deny women’s power. Designed to tap down and control that which cannot be controlled… the mother of dragons, mama bear, world birthing Divine Feminine that lives within each of us.

There were tears, and screams, and laughter. There was movement and stillness. 

Women reclaimed their bodies, their sexual autonomy, their right to do the work they were born for.

And then, we went into the woods and found a waterfall for an epic, healing photoshoot. Being seen, first by their sisters and then by the camera, these women experienced a new way of standing in the world. A more powerful way of being.

We were blessed to have Lindsay A. Miller with us, lending her healing magic from behind the camera. It was raw and real and beautiful. 

Magic was called forth and wove its way through everything we did. I’m so excited for what these women are birthing into the world.

Women are designed to gather. To create in community. To give birth to new ideas, new ways of doing things, new healing in the embrace of their sisters.

This is why I host retreats.

There is so much magic possible, and so much power is released into the world as a result.

I have one more retreat planned for 2022, November 19-20. We’ve opened the doors so anyone in my community can join us for the magic.

We will work in the feminine, creating healing and transformation, and also in the masculine, uncovering your unique marketing strategies so you can attract more clients naturally and open the flow of money into your life.

If you haven’t yet reserved your seat, do so now.

With all my heart,


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