The day after a big project is a day of celebration!!!

And today I’m celebrating … YOU!

You brought your A-game to the Name Your Year Ritual!!

If you’re not quite complete and are still massaging your name, that’s ok. You might want to try it on for a couple of days to make sure the fit is optimal.

And there is one more step:

Rather than award the final prize to one lucky Goddess, I’m giving each of you a private, 20-minute session with me to ground your Name Your Year intention in the Akashic RecordsClick here to schedule

We will open the records, check for interference and ask your Record Keepers what you need to know in order to create the year you’ve just dreamed up.

This session is my thank you for you making our Name Your Year Ritual so amazing.

*Note: My time does book quickly, so please schedule your session now.

Some of you are in different time zones, so if you are having a problem finding a time that works, PM me and we will find something.

Schedule your complimentary session here.

With all my heart,


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