For the last two weeks I’ve been sharing the transformation of the women who have attended my last two retreats on my Facebook feed.

I do this for a couple of reasons.

First, of course, is to market my work. What better way to know the results possible for you than to see it in someone else who shares your fears, anger, hopes and dreams

Yet, it goes deeper. 

For the S€x and Money retreat, I co-facilitate with Lindsay A Miller, an extraordinary photographer. I bring Lindsay in to work with my client groups at the Rewilding the Feminine retreat. 

Being photographed is a huge fear of so many women. We’ve been taught by society to judge our appearance against the airbrushed perfection of supermodels.  And even when, as enlightened women, we consciously know that our value is not measured in this way, it sneaks in.

In retreat, we begin by asking why the women have come, what it is that they hope to receive. 

And someone starts to cry. 

The emotion just bubbles over because, finally, they are in a safe place where all of the feelings of inadequacy and bitterness can be expressed without judgement, all of the deep soul longings that have been buried under layers of “shoulds” are allowed voice.

We pull the shadow parts into the light, heal the wounds of their being, transform and transmute past life vows and familial rules. 

The women become lighter.

And then, we photograph. (Well, Lindsay photographs as I hold space, spot coach, fetch camera lens and makes sure that our sacred work is undisturbed by passers-by).

The transformations from earlier in the retreat take hold, and the women are, finally, free to express the Divine Feminine that lives within. The other women are able to see the face of the Divine in each sister. It is magic!

The photos create a physical structure for the women to look back on. To remember how it felt and to return to that higher state of being. To carry the Divine Feminine magic into their work and to share that with their clients. 

When the kids are sick, the dishes pilling up and the cat throwing up during their next Facebook Live), they pull out the photos and remember who they are. They radiate Source, even in the midst of chaos.

Finally, we share the photos with the world. 

Because the recognition deepens the healing for the women.

Because the photos radiate healing into the world.

Because they are beautiful, and the world deserves more beauty. 

In case you missed them, I’m sharing a few photos with you. I invite you to share what you feel when you see them. 

Rena, High Priestess who guides women in healing their trauma and reclaiming their sexual autonomy. 

Colette, Body Whisperer and Gifted Medium helping moms achieve the Healthy Body and Beautiful Life that is their birthright.

Kimberly, helping Mamas love the job of raising joyful, loving little humans by their Human Design.

With all my heart,

PS – Drop me a note if your soul is longing for an invite to the next retreat!


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