We are in the darkest week of the year in my part of the world. 

It’s cold and my soul is longing to turn inward. 

To rest.

To dream.

To open the next layer of healing.

The Record Keepers tell me this is a tender time, a time of stepping from one way of being into the next. 

We humans, don’t see what that next way will be.

We can only feel it in our hearts, in the stirring of our souls, in the longing of our being for something…. 

It is a coming home to our wild naturebecoming one with the Divine that lives within us. 

Today, on our morning walk, a pair of coyotes crossed our path. 

The first was out of sight almost before we caught a glimpse. 

The second paused in the brush, waiting to follow her mate.

I felt her desire to continue, and her caution of these humans on her path.

We stopped and I called out softly, “It’s ok, sweetheart,” I said. “We will back up so you can have the road.”

We slowing stepped back until she crossed. At the last minute I opened my phone and snapped a picture of her.

Coyote, the perfect totem for this time. Because Coyote is not only the trickster, but also a being of great magic. 

She reminds us that we don’t have to complicate things and make them too serious.

That magic, creation,  and wisdom are best when they are mixed with joy, laughter and play. 

And so, dear Goddess, in this time of your Becoming, I wish you play. I wish that you look at the tricks the world is playing and laugh with abandon. I wish that magic dances from your fingertips with sparks of joy.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may you find a little coyote.

Much love,


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