Years ago a client shared her church’s rituals for releasing the old year and stepping into the new. 

I’ve adapted this ritual over the years, combining it with other ceremonies and practices. If you took part in our Name Your Year event, you have already completed one part… setting your intention for 2023 with a word or a phrase.

Now it’s time to look back at 2022. 

As I reflect, the first thing that pops up are the losses in our family, and with that, the way we came together for each other. With each loss there was sadness, but also laughter as we gathered, told stories, and comforted each other. I am able to find gratitude and joy in these moments.

Then, I think about our return to doing retreats. The work at these live events was potent, powerful and still sending waves of healing out into the world. I speak with the women who attended, and I hear a shift in their voices, their commitment to do the work they were born for, the massive growth that continues after the event. 

I’m proud and honored to be part of their journey. (And planning more for 2023, keep your eyes opened for when you can be part of the next event.)

Finally, there are the goals missed. The projects that didn’t get launched, that failed to meet my expectations, or didn’t quite have the effect I anticipated. Each of those missed goals are a chance to tweak and grow. My team and I take lots of notes on both our “hits” and “misses” so that we can constantly improve.

I am gentle with myself around the missed goals. They can so often be used as a tool to beat ourselves up=; yet, they are a natural part of being human. 

Missed goals tell us so much about what is really important and what society or conditioning tell us is important. 

They show us where we have stepped away from doing our work for the highest and best good…where our ego or our small and bitter parts have taken over. 

I lay these lost goals gently to rest in the archives of 2022. Some will be brought back for 2023. Some will be softly let go to allow space for something new.

Something fun.

Something exciting.

Something that will enhance my mission to bring more money into the hands of more women. 

As you prepare for the coming year, I encourage you to spend some time looking back. Release and let go of missed goals, and celebrate your big wins. Notice how far you’ve come during a year in which we were truly called to evolve into the image of the Divine Feminine. 

There is more to be done in 2023. More BE-coming who you were born to be. More opening to pull money, abundance, respect, acknowledgement and deep service to you. More living as a Divine being in a human body. 

I have 2 slots open in January for private clients to work with me to expand their money-receiving channels and share their work more widely in the world. 

If you are ready to step out of the shadows and visibly shine so your right clients can find you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me to explore what is working, what is not working and what your next right step is.  

YEY to a fabulous, magic, miracle filled 2023!

With all my heart


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