For the last several years I’ve been doing what we call “the wounds work”. 

I guide women into an exploration of their childhood wounds; in a very structured, masculine way, we pull from those painful experiences the magic words that will draw their right clients to them.

The wounds also help us to identify and explore the unique ways in which life has trained them to help their clients. This becomes their distinctive marketing position, the thing that differentiates them from everyone else and sets them up as the “go-to” person in their field

Those that go on retreat with me then embody the essence of the wound, feel it while being witnessed by soul-sisters, and receive a record of their transformation from our amazing photographer. As the wounds are expressed and honored, a remarkable thing happens. They lose their sting. 

Rumi said, “the wound is the place that the light enters you.”

We begin with the wound because it is so much easier to feel the wound. We’ve been taught since we were small children that we are not divine. We are a lesser version of the MAN that is made in the image of the GOD. We are taught that very little of us resembles the Divine.

This is the wound at the very heart of women.

During our retreats, each woman feels this wound, expressed in her own life story. She is held by her sisters in a container of love and acceptance. She allows, sometimes for the very first time, the emotions to have full expression. She is expanded.

Because her ability to FEEL has been expanded. As Gabriela Herstik says in Bewitching the Elements “You can’t feel one emotion deeply without allowing yourself to feel all of them.”

Making space for the wound opens the channels for more love and joy. 

Here is the crazy part.

Feeling joy, opens your money channels so you that more of it can flow to you. Feeling love, makes you irresistible to your right clients.

If the wound is the place where the light enters us, then love is the way that the light of the Divine shines from us. 

As each woman falls in love with the wounded part of herself, she is able to finally see the truth. She is a reflection of the Divine. The Goddess lives within her. 

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This, too, is captured on film, a reminder of the truth when the world again tries to convince her to “stay in her place.”

As we start a new year I invite you to feel. Feel all of it. For you, too, are Divine. 

With all my heart,

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