♪ What’s love got to do, got to do with it? ♪

It was Valentines Day early this week, and my brain kept playing old, silly love songs as I tuned into the Energy of Money in prep for teaching the Money of Alchemy course.

Money keeps whistling along with the words.

In our society, we are taught a love/hate relationship with money.

We need it to survive.

But rich people are bad, money is evil, and having more of it makes us selfish. 

(It doesn’t help that so many of the rich people who are public are also acting a little crazy right now!)

But here’s the deal.

Those beliefs about money were handed down, generation to generation, from those that would keep us small and pliable. Those that sought to chain the power of women because it is so big that it scares them.

I know this to be true. Money, in the hands of women who are aligned with Source, connected to their Soul’s mission, and used in ways that make a woman melt with joy… that Money changes the world

Money knows this too. Money wants to be used like this.

Money wants to be loved, to be love, and is created in it’s purest form, from love. 

Money is the energy of appreciation. It is the energy of gratitude for the things it brings us. It is the energy of Source funneled into the world through commerce.

I think it’s pretty cool.

As a matter of fact, I love Money. 

I’ve been studying the Energy of Money for almost 30 years.

I’ve changed my whole relationship with Money. I’ve opened the flow so that Money comes when I call it, provides for my juicy life, and allows me to flow it forward, blessing others.

Money wants this relationship with you as well.

So, over 4 weeks this March, I’m bringing together a group of women and teaching them the Alchemy of Money… 

… so you can open your channels of receiving

… and double or triple your income this year.

Want to join us?

Just comment below and say, “I’m ready to open my channels of receiving” and I’ll get you the steps to apply. 

And that’s what loves got to do with it!. <3 

With all my heart,


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