I’m prepping to teach the next Alchemy of Money small group experience this March, and so I’ve been thinking a lot about my money journey.

I was introduced to the Energy of Money over 30 years ago, and I began to build a relationship. For sure there were lean years; yet, I’ve always found a way to bring money in when I needed it. 

Over the years, I’ve learned to consciously open the channels of receiving, so that instead of bitterly using money to pay off credit cards, I’m using it to fund my retirement accounts. Instead of stressing about how to afford a weekend get-away, I’m planning an amusement park Grammy Camp extravaganza. (The two oldest littles are 11, so I don’t know how much longer I’ll have for extravaganzas!)

I feel the energy of Money dancing with approval each time it comes into my accounts. 

I send Money with love and appreciation when I use it to pay my bills or buy groceries. 

Money flows because I listen to its whispers.

The truth Goddess, is that Money wants to flow through you as well.

It wants to melt away the ceiling that has kept your income stuck at its current level. It wants to show you how to expand your channels of receiving, so more of it can flow. It wants to teach you to keep those channels open, widening and deepening every day, so that more and more money comes to you.

It’s not a matter of doing more.

Nor is it a matter of giving up time with your loved ones, your self-care, or sacrificing your values to make a sale. 

It is about aligning your money beliefs with your soul’s purpose and taking small, powerful daily actions to grow your ability to receive.

I’ll share the practice to do just that in the Alchemy of Money.

We’ll travel into your past lives to remove any vows or contracts that keep your income stuck.

We’ll look at the beliefs you’ve inherited from your family and society, and we’ll re write them to support your Money growth. Then, you’ll hardwire those new beliefs into flexible, easeful actions.

Together, we’ll develop unique-to-you money practices that will continue your money growth long after the course ends, so you can double or triple your income this year.

Want to join us?

Just comment below with “I’m ready to open the flow of money” and I’ll get the application process right out to you. 

With all my heart,


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