Were you one of those children constantly thinking of ways to make money? I was.

I set up my first lemonade stand at age 5, and at age 8 organized circus performances with the neighbor kids, for which I charged their parents to watch. . 

One summer, when I was 12, I set up a trash collection site in my small resort community, and I spent every Sunday afternoon collecting $1 for every bag of trash people left. 

At fifteen I dreamt of buying a lot of land that would appreciate over time and which I would then use to pay for college.

The problem was, no one ever taught me about the rules of money. I could babysit for a few dollars every now and then, but that was about it. 

In the mid-nineties I was introduced to a little book called, “The Science of Getting Rich”, and my mind was blown! 

It was then that I began the energetic practices to open my channels of receiving and to call in ever – increasing quantities of Money on an ongoing basis. 

Some would call me lucky. But the truth is, I’m dedicated to being in a relationship with money that allows it to flow. I do the “work” to make it happen. 

This March, I’m calling in a small group of women entrepreneurs and showing them how to double or triple their income this year with the energetic principles I’ve learned over the last 30 years of practice. 

You don’t have to double your workload, betray your family responsibilities, or lose yourself in formulas that don’t fit in order to make sales.

In fact, when you put these principles into practice, you’ll have more time, because money will come with more ease. And, you get to bring in money in ways that honor and respect the unique, wild, sexy, silly YOU. 

Over four weeks: 

  • We’ll travel into your past lives to remove any vows or contracts that keep your income stuck.
  • We’ll look at the beliefs you’ve inherited from your family and society, and we’ll re write them to support your Money growth. Then, you’ll hardwire those new beliefs into flexible, easeful actions.
  • We’ll explore blocks that keep you from expanding your income and use your connection with the Divine to dissolve them.
  • Together, we’ll develop unique-to-you money practices that will continue your money growth long after the course ends, so you can double or triple your income this year.

Want to join us?

Just comment below with “I’m ready to open the flow of money” and I’ll get the application process right out to you. 

With all my heart,


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