As the world continues to spin in new directions, calling us to new ways of being,  new ways of business, I remain committed to my core mission: 

To get more money into the hands of more women.

Which is why I’m calling together a small group of coaches, healers, teachers and spiritual entrepreneurs to teach them the Alchemy of Money.

You’ll discover how to use energetic principles to call in more money and more clients, with more ease and less time. 

You don’t have to outsource time with your little people so that you can work more hours…

Nor do you have to sacrifice your self-care or sleep. 

And the best part, you won’t surrender your values to make a sale. 

Instead, you’ll:

  • Tap into your connection with Source to turn your desires into physical reality;
  • Uncover and release the hidden, disempowering money beliefs that were handed down from your family and society;
  • Rewire your brain with new money beliefs that support your abundant, joyful life;
  • Discover and plug the leaks in your money systems so that you keep more of what you make; and
  • Incorporate simple, everyday money practices that open your ability to receive money every day.

By keeping this group intimate, I’ll be able to access your Soul’s Records and guide you toward release of any past life vows and contracts that keep you stuck at your current money ceiling.

And, I’m sharing the practices I used to manifest my brand new custom kitchen without using any debt financing.

Want to join us?

We start the second week of March, so reach out now if are ready to double the amount of money coming into your accounts this year. 

Looking forward to you attracting an ever increasing amount of money on an ongoing basis.

With all my heart,


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