Fear has popped up a lot the last couple of days. 

As I write this, another atmospheric river has arrived. The fields across the road have turned into lakes and the creek out my back door is flowing swiftly. 

I’ve talked to neighbors who are afraid of potential flooding. Schools have closed their doors and my nail salon is shut (!) until the danger passes. 

I’ll admit, when I saw the fire department from the County two hours north pull into our neighborhood with their swift water rescue boats, I had a pang of fear. 

Fear also showed it’s face in our Alchemy of Money course, which started this week. As we talked about practices to open the flow of money, one woman teared up. “I’m just so afraid that it will all dry up one day,” she cried.

Others on the call agreed. They too feared that Money would someday fail them

And once more, on a coaching call this morning, fear showed up. 

When fear pops up, we either ramp it up, feeding it with dooms day predictions, or we shove it aside where it eats away at our insides. Eventually the fear causes dis-ease in our bodies, pulling away from our connection to Source, accompanied by small, bitter lashing out at those we love. 

Yet every emotion serves a purpose. There is always a reason for fear. 

Sometimes, it’s a legitimate warning. “Hey, maybe you shouldn’t go down that dark street alone this late at night.”

Sometimes it’s there to show you a place of potential healing. 

I grew up in the mountains of Southern California. One of clearest memories is being awakened early in the morning and told to stuff a pillowcase with clothes and my most important objects. 20 minutes later we were rushing down the mountain, watching the trees on the side of the road burst into flame. 

When fire trucks show up in places I don’t expect, I feel a tug of fear. (It wasn’t about the rescue boats after all!) The little child inside of me quivers. 

This is an opportunity to love that part of me. To reassure her that all is well, that I will take care of her, that I am capable. To heal a wound that formed many years ago.

If there is nothing happening in the moment that warrants fear, turn towards the emotion

Acknowledge it, be with it, fill it with love.  Allow the fear to connect you with the part of you that most needs healing. 

Do the work of healing, find a healer to help, lean into the sisterhood, and fill that part of you with love. 

Because the world needs you right now. The world needs your magic. The world needs you to show the way.

With all my heart,

PS. I will have a couple of coaching spots opening this spring. If you are feeling the call to open your flow of money, ramp up your visibility, and fine tune your marketing so the witchy, wild you makes more money with more ease, schedule a complementary call with me today to explore your options. 


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