Today, in a group coaching call, the topic of trust came up. 

We are told, over and over in the self-development/ coaching world, to learn to trust ourselves. Trust our inner knowing, trust our ability to create what we want, trust our ideas and our visions. 

And yet…. We are human

We cannot always trust ourselves. 

We sometimes have doubt… and fear… and the bitter taste of betrayal which causes us to lose faith in our own knowing, our own abilities, our self-chosen path. This is not a failure. It simply is.

The deeper trust is to trust Source. 

When you trust Source, you can have all the doubts that want to pop up, you can be as human as you are. Because you know that Source has got your back.

When things feel like they are going sideways, it’s because you are not trusting Source.What if, instead of trying to figure it out, you recognized this as an easy reminder to connect with Source? 

To take a moment or a day and BE WITH Source? What would be possible then?

I keep a sign on the wall behind my computer that reminds me, “Source is my Source”. It is the fundamental thing that has allowed everything in my business and my life to flow to me. 

Our conditioning has taught us that we need to figure things out and get the right answer. In school we are taught there is a right answer, a wrong answer, and a right way to get to the right answer. Love, acceptance, acknowledgment, and validation comes from getting the right answer and showing your work.

When things aren’t clear or aren’t going the way we think they should, our inner little girl goes into a panic trying to figure it out…. Because without knowing, all of those things might not be available to us. 

We push ourselves harder, beat ourselves up, stress ourselves with the need to know all the answers. 

What if, instead, you let it be easy and you leaned into Source?

When we lean into Source, the visions and dreams become clearer and clearer. They start to build energy. The energy will grow until it needs to be expressed in service to the dream. The next right step will appear. The guide for this dream will show up. Doors will open and the fog will clear.

When you  allow Source to guide you, all manner of things show up that you never could have dreamed.

When Lindsay, my retreat partner and photographer, and I take women on retreat to places we’ve never been, we give up control. We don’t know where our photo shoots will take place or  what will happen in the coaching sessions. Heck, we don’t even know where the grocery stores are so we can purchase food. We trust that Source will guide us.

Magic always happens. From a jazz band in New Orleans that joined us to play and dance at the end of a photoshoot, to the souls of witches in Salem, Mass who lent their energy to our healing rituals, Magic happens

With all my heart,



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