For years I’ve advocated for tweaking formulas and crafting strategies from your connection to Source. Yet, I still find myself getting caught up in the “shoulds”. 

I should do that, because all of the Big Name Gurus do it. Or because I’ve always done it that way before. Or because some expert said it must be done that way. 

The shoulds is a dark and lonely place where comparison, lack and powerlessness thrive. Spending even a few minutes in the shoulds can stomp out joy and rob you of self-respect.

I could feel the heaviness of shoulds weighing me down this weekend. I knew, that even if I did all the things.

I “should”, the energy I was bringing to them would make them ineffective. A waste of time. 

So I stopped. I opened my Akashic Records. I grounded in Mama Earth. I asked for Source to open my vision to what else could be. I did a little dreaming about how I can get the results I desire, without having to do things the way “they’ve always been done.”

Then, I pulled out a giant pad of paper and my many colored pens and started to sketch out a plan. 

My rule: each action on the plan had to fulfill three points.

  1. It has to serve my tribe, bringing value and supporting you in your journey;
  2. It has to provide a pathway for my desires to meet, opening an energetic portal to pull my dreams across the veil into physical reality; and
  3. It has to be fun creating an energy of excitement and love that will fuel the actions my team and I will take. 

My plan has swishy arrows and stars. Ideas to flesh out. Projects with collaborators. 

I’m super excited to begin the experiment. To see what else is possible

Keep your eyes open, as I’ll be sharing as the pieces come together.

And I encourage you to step out of the shoulds, do a little dreaming, brainstorm with your band of sisters, and reach out to me if you are feeling the desire for a seasoned guide in the world of “what else can I create.”

With all my heart,



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