You know that feeling when you want to create something new

You can feel it asking to be birthed through you.

You aren’t quite sure the shape it will take. You think you know. You try out different ideas, yet none feel quite right. None feel really juicy and exciting. None take you to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond. 

You know that you’ll need the energy of a vibrant vision to fuel the work of creating something new. 

It has to sing in alignment with your soul’s desires, opening space and lighting a pathway so that those you are in service to will see it, know it to be useful, and participate. 

It has to make your entire body dance with the feel of it pulsing through you. 

And yet… it’s not quite ready to reveal itself. Even though you are ready to KNOW, dammit!

As humans, we want to know the full path. We want all the hows laid out before we start. We want the assurance that it will be a success in order to risk getting started. 

When you put these conditions on the thing you are creating, it becomes timid and shuffles back, wondering if you are, indeed, the right one to birth it into the world. 

Yet, if you relax and return to the basics, the knowledge that Source has your back and wants you to live a vibrant, juicy life…

… that the feminine takes time to reveal itself

… that dream time wanders until it finds the right path…

Then it comes…. the idea drops and your fingers can’t move quickly enough to capture all the images and words and feelings. 

It begins to live in your imagination. Wild and free and new. It creates excitement and momentum. The creatrix in you comes alive. 

And now is the time to take action. To pull up your sleaves and map out a plan to create, to market, to sell and to deliver, filling your plan with love and light.

Now is the time to do

Soon, I’ll be sharing my new creation with you. I hope you will treat it with kindness and love it just as much as I do. 

In the meantime,

May your inner creatrix come alive with your next idea.

With all my heart,

 PS…. Want help igniting your next creation? Schedule a complementary call with me today. Let’s birth something amazing. 


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