Saturday morning, I jumped on my computer early, excited to work on my latest project. 

Now, I normally avoid the computer on the weekends. It’s too easy to get sucked in. I’m really good at making time for myself on Saturday and Sunday. 

But I’ve been leaning into a couple of Goddesses for this project and they are intoxicating

So before heading out for the day, I turned on my computer… and discovered that my working doc was gone….along with most of the other documents on my computer. 

After a moment of panic, I realized that Dropbox was deleting all my files.

There was some colorful cussing, then I got to work pulling everything out of the recycle bin, changing passwords and setting up an additional backup.

I’m sharing this story because sometimes, as leaders, it looks like everything in our business is golden… when the reality is that s*#t happens. Business coaches… we are just like everyone else!

While I could dwell on the time wasted, I choose instead to be grateful that I could recover almost everything. And in the process, it gave me a chance to clean out my files and get rid of stuff that I no longer need or want. 

When I check with the Record Keepers they tell me that they wanted to call attention to the files that needed to be deleted. That those files held energy that no longer served me. Like old milk in the back of the refrigerator, they had turned sour.

They remind me that I need to keep my energy clean to work with Goddesses. That the clearer I am, the more easily the flow of ideas, clients and money will become. 

It is time for a Spring clean, both energetically and physically. To open space for the new. 

To guard where I turn my attention, who I invite into my space, and how I release old ties. 

It is time to cull my bookshelves again, to sort the papers on my desk, clean out my closet. 

It is time to open space for more….

I can feel it in the quickening of the days, the trees have leafed out almost overnight, the hills are bursting into bloom. 

I invite you to consider that it’s time for you as wellWhat are you holding onto that you no longer need, that is keeping you from having what your soul desires? 

What beliefs, patterns, thoughts, people keep you stuck and small? Feeling powerless and alone? 

What is taking up space that could be filled with new clients? More money? Deeper connections? Wider sharing of your wisdom and gifts? 

When the answer to these questions pop up, breathe, and release them. Clean your bookshelves, stop stalking your old nemesis on Facebook, step into your highest self and heal.

If you want assistance, reach out to me. I’ve got a lot of space opening up. 😊

With all my heart,


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