I remember when I first shared a little bit of my woo woo with my email list. I sat at the breakfast table, tears streaming down my face, thinking I was blowing my business up,  and pushed send to the email that revealed a little bit of my witchyness.

It was scary. I felt lost and alone. What would people think if they knew I read tarot cards and connected with the energy of my Higher Self to run my business… and to guide my clients?

I imagined everyone rolling their eyes and labeling me as a crazy lady.

My spiritual practices and how I bring magic into my business have deepened exponentially since those days. I don’t really care how many people call me a crazy lady, because the stuff I’m doing works! My business has grown, I’m doing work that I find meaningful, and my clients get results. 

Sure, I can tell you how to craft a marketing plan, how to create a client funnel or how to launch your podcast. Yet, the biggest results come when we add magic to that. We throw some high vibe dancing into your launch, call in the support of the Goddesses as part of your pre-podcast ritual and add magic words and spiritual light to your funnel. All of this is the juicy part.

If I had listened to my fears and kept doing things within the box of what is acceptable, I would have burned out long ago. The weight of keeping my magic hidden would have been too much. And my business would have wilted away with lost visions of what could have been.

Instead, I get to experiment and play. I get to take my clients on adventures to places we’ve never been and do deep healing work. I get to design new quests for my tribe and play in the heightened vibration of the group mastermind. I get to attend personal retreats with amazing women who open my understanding even further.

I get to dance with the Energy of Money, watch the ocean waves while designing strategy with the Energy of my Business, and tap into Source to call my dreams into being. 

Because I took a chance and revealed myself, I have no desire to retire. I want to keep learning, sharing, healing, and guiding for as long as I am able. 

Love, I invite you to consider what could happen if you reveal all of who you are? What are the fears and beliefs holding you back? What are the coulds and the shoulds and the musts that keep you from expressing your magic? 

Once you have seen them, acknowledged them, named them, consider doing it anyway. As I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, the world needs your magic now more than ever. 

Give yourself permission to be you. 

(BTW- when you do this, the money follows because money loves magic.)

With all my heart,

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