I feel so much fire energy lately.

The new moon  energizes me, dropping ideas and insights daily.

I’ve connected with several Goddesses, created a new quest for our Facebook community and painted sacred art. 

All of it feels like it’s being fueled and fed with an energy that burns from within, lights me up, and allows words to flow from my fingers and my lips. This wisdom is coming from my commitment to connect with Source, with the energy of my business, and with the energy of money, throughout my day. These are my most brilliant teachers. 


I am aware that fire, when left unchecked, has the power to destroy. 

I was eight years old the first time I watched flames creeping up the mountain side toward our home. I was 34 when I stood with my children and watched a fire destroy our house and everything inside of it.

Yet, even in the destruction, there is life. Pine trees need the intense heat of fire to break open their seeds and grow new life. 

The fire of anger leads us to protest misjustices, tear down unfair systems, create new ways of doing things that support more of humanity and the earth. 

I find myself carefully considering how to use fire energy well. What in me needs to be exposed to the fire so that it can break open and grow? How does my anger serve to support my mission?

What truths can I see clearly in the light of the fire?

I see a world where women are still being held back, simply because we are women. I am deeply committed to changing this by lighting a fire in the hearts of those whose magic has been hidden out of fear of betrayal and loss. By empowering women to step into their Divine Feminine and create businesses that reflect our true selves. To stop trying to mold ourselves into the image of Business Woman that current society dictates.

I hear so many women say, “I feel all alone. I feel like I don’t belong here.”

Sister, you are not alone. You feel like you don’t belong because you came, with a fire inside, to create the change. To use your magic to shift the planet into a place where you do belong, where all Divine beings having a human experience can feel at home. 

There are many, many of us doing the same thing. We are with you. 

With all my heart,


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