Spring is here.

The hills have burst into vibrant colors thanks to our winter rain, and many wild bunnies greet us on our morning walk.

This morning I paused to watch a couple of rabbits munching the fresh green foliage. As silent as I was, they still heard something and turned, their ears wide open, ready to react rapidly.

This rabbit magic, of being able to sense change and respond swiftly, is worth cultivating right now. 

The energy in the world is wild. 

I find myself joyful and flooded with tears in the same hour. 

There is an intensity of what we are being called to that I’ve not felt before. 

And the Goddesses are beckoning us to pay attention. The Divine Feminine is no longer willing to remain in the shadows waiting. Those of us who were born, yet again, with magic in our veins, are summoned to reveal ourselves. To use our magic in the mending of the planet upon which we all live. To aid Mama Earth, Gaia, Pachamama in her healing.

When you first reveal your true self, the authentic, wild, witchy you, it can be scary.

We all carry the witch wound in our DNA. The fear of being ostracized, kicked out of the community, or worse. I meet so many amazing women who stay in the shadows and do their work on the sidelines. They know they are meant for bigger things; yet, I hear all the time:

“I hate social media. I won’t post about myself.”

“I can’t stand up in front of a group. Speaking is not my gift.”

“I wish I didn’t have to market. Why can’t people just show up at my door.”

“I have so much going on in my life right now. Maybe I can get started in a few months.” 

People have all kinds of reasons… sales are swarmy, social media is corrupt, they don’t want to put on makeup in the morning….. I could keep going endlessly.

Yet, the real deal is, until you are ready to cast aside your own comfort and shine a light on yourself,your people won’t be able to find you. And they will continue to suffer. 

This takes a huge amount of courage, even with a coach or mentor by your side. It takes learning rabbit magic. How to shift from freezing to speed, how to come out of the shadows into the delicious sunlight, and how to take advantage of opportunities that show up for only brief moments. 

I invite you to consider that now is the time. Let’s open the flow of money to you through the expression of your deep magic. Let’s draft marketing that is honest and that works to attract your right people. Let’s craft offers that make sales an act of services. 

If you are ready for a little rabbit magic, book a complimentary Business Assessment with me today and let’s discuss how you can come out of the shadows. 

With all my heart,


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