You are invited to join our Magic Business Quest.

I heard the call while in meditation.

“We, women are tired of following masculine rules that diminish our power, make us small and leftout. It’s NOT working for us.

We want to bring more of our Divine Feminine, our innate magic, our witchy powers into our businesses. We want to combine our spiritual nature and harness our masculine energy with aligned action to grow our revenue and our impact. We want spirit in our business, and we want business in our spirit.”

My heart sighed, “Yes” to this message and created the Magic Business Quest, May 29 – June 2.

This is a free, online event to support you in bringing more magic into your business to make a business that pays you well from your magic. 

Like any quest, you first say yes and join here.

Over 5 days, you’ll explore how each of the elemental energies of nature; spirit, fire, air, water and earthenhance your business. You’ll connect with a different Goddess energy each day for insights, direction and inspiration in moving your business forward to open the flow of clients, money and acknowledgment. 

You’ll learn from the Goddesses how to weave spirituality into your decisions, your programs, and your sales. When guidance is given from this soul connection:

Marketing becomes a joyous sharing of your message

~ The right clients are magnetically drawn to you

Money flows in ever increasing quantities

~ Life and business feel lighter

~ The world vibrates at a higher frequency allowing your healing to spread across the planet.

On your quest you will be joined by a community of women committed to doing business in a way that aligns with their soul’s purpose in our Facebook community.  As companions on the journey, you’ll lend each other support, share ah-ha moments, and deepen your learning by a sharing of Goddess messages.

And I’m giving gifts along the way. 

Join us for the complimentary Magic Business Quest to bring more magic into your business and more business into your magic. 

With all my heart


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