Join the Magic Business Quest, May 29 – June 2. You’ll embark on a journey to meet five 
Energetic Goddesses and learn how each can support you in growing your soul-fueled, financially successful business. 

Each Goddess embodies the energy of the Divine in a different way. While Pele throws the element of fire to build new land, Green Tara channels the compassionate balm of water to guide you along open channels to finding your right clients. 

Each day you meet a new Goddess and, using the guided meditation I’ll send you, tap into her wisdom to guide your business.

You’ll learn how to make more money with more ease doing work you love by adding more spirituality to your business. And you’ll discover how your magic can be built into your business to grow your influence, impact and respect in the world. 

Plus, being with the Goddesses is intoxicating. 

The Divine Feminine, who has been pushed into the shadows during the reign of the patriarchy, is coming back into the light. The Goddesses are showing the way for us to step into our light. 

There has never been a better time for women to reclaim our power, to gather as witches, source-erouses, priestesses, and healers, connected with Source to heal the planet. We will create a world where our wild, magic children and grandchildren can grow and express all of who they are. Where the energy of money supports our human selves abundantly so that we can support the causes we believe in.

The Goddesses are here to aid us. 

The Magic Business Quest is 100% free; an offering from my heart to yours. 

Each day of the quest I’ll send you an email introducing you the Goddess of the day. 



Green Tara



I’ll also share a guided meditation leading you to a conversation with that Goddess, and some questions you may want to ask her.

After you’ve recorded your conversation in your journal, you are invited to share what you learned in our Facebook community. Not only will you retain what you learned better by sharing, you will inspire your business sisters in the group, expanding their understandings. 

And, I’m going to draw a name each day from those who share and send a cool Goddess gift. 

Join the Quest today.

With all my heart,


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