Are you joining us for the Magic Business Quest?

When I first started my coaching practice, many, many years ago, I learned how to ‘market like a man’. I followed the gurus (mostly men), and I applied their strategies. And my results…. Well… let’s just say, when I couldn’t do what they had done, I spent a lot of time wondering what was wrong with me.. 

Secretly, in my coaching sessions with clients, I wrapped in my magic. I pulled Tarot cards, called up their wounded inner child, showed them the pathway to connect with their Higher Selves. 

One day, the Divine Feminine had enough already and put me in the exact right spot to be rear-ended… twice… by a jacked-up pickup truck. (Shall we just call this an image of low vibration masculine?) 

For months, between the few client calls I could manage, I spent my days laying on ice, then heat,.  while hearing the whispers of Source telling me there was a better way, a feminine way, of doing business. 

When I started to listen, everything changed. Money flows to me, the work is deeper, juicier, more transformational. Partnerships sustain me and push me to grow. And clients are doing extraordinary, life changing work.

The injury also connected me to one of my past life witches, but that is a story for another day, when she is ready for me to tell it. 

The good news is, you don’t have to be in a car accident in order to create a business in collaboration with the Divine… a business that fulfills your Soul purpose while making a lot of money. 

In the Magic Business Quest, I’ll guide you in meeting 5 faces of the Divine, Goddesses who have stepped forward and insisted that they be included. 

Abundantia is here to guide you in opening the channels for money and abundance to flow. Sophia will help you connect with the Divine with you and use that power to elevate your work. Pele is here to show you what to let go of to evolve and grow your business. Green Tara, with her deep compassion, brings a guidebook for connecting with your right clients, so that they can find and hire you. And Gaia, Mama Earth, supports you in grounding your work in the physical realms, while fully expressing your magic in the world. 

Each day of the quest I’ll send you a brief background on each Goddess and a meditation to connect with you. You can listen to the meditation whenever it’s convenient to you. If you choose, which I encourage because it helps to ground the messages and create new neural pathways in your brain, you’ll share what you learn in our Facebook group. This is also a gift to the other women, encouraging them to come out of the shadows , enriching  what they are learning.

If you have already joined, hurrah! This is going to be so magical. If you are still thinking about it, do it today, you don’t want to miss a single Goddess. They are intoxicating!

Join the Magic Business Quest here.

With all my heart,

PS. Would you do me a favor and share this message? My mission is to enable more women to make more money. Please share this gift of the Goddesses with your business sisters and anyone who will benefit.  <3 <3 <3 


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