The Magic Business Quest starts Monday.

If you haven’t yet saved your place, now is the time!

The experience will be different for each woman who journeys with us. While everyone will receive a daily email with a daily guided meditation each of us reflects a different essence of the Divine.

As you meet the Goddesses, you may connect more with one than another. Your conversation may go in a different direction than the path I laid out. 

This is perfect and correct as you find your way as a Divine being on this human adventure.

On this journey, all that you are askedis to soften your heart and open your willingness to be with the Goddesses. 

With some, you may be moved to dance, rage, or lay in the grass and just breathe. 

With some, you may write pages and pages, breathless with all of the information that Goddess desires to impart. 

And you may hear no words at all, as you simply feel Her presence and the soft download of a message to be unfolded over time. 

However you experience the Goddesses in our Magic Business Quest, know that they desire the best for you. They desire that you live a life filled with joy, adventure, and abundance

Know, also, that the Goddesses are there to comfort and support you when you are on the other side of these emotions. When you feel small, and alone, and powerless.

As you walk this human path, know that you are always, always welcome in the arms of the Divine. They are always present to welcome you back to your knowledge of your own magic.

And when you learn to walk both the spirit and physical planes at the same time, the world becomes magic. 

Calling in Money becomes easy. 

Actions are aligned with Source clearing the road so they are successful.

You become an acknowledged leader, and people are willing to pay a lot to work with you.

Some might think I’m crass to talk about Money in the same breath as the Divine Feminine. They are wrong. (There, I said it.)

Money is the energy that fuels and funds your business, your highest and best life, your wellbeing. The Goddesses know this and are wise to the ways that this human game is played. 

I can hardly wait to hear the wisdom they will be sharing with you all week. 

Here is the link to join if you haven’t already.

With all my heart,



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