We all take different paths in life but only a few of us have the courage to stop, think, and realize that the path they are on is not the one for them. Today, I’ve met someone who did exactly that and I relate to her story so strongly because I’ve been on that journey too. 

Let me introduce you to Shirin Etessam. Shirin is an entrepreneur, seasoned media executive, and transformational speaker. She has produced films, original television series and specials, created several companies, and led campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized companies (ABC, CBS, Discovery, BBC, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Virgin, and many more). 

A proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Shirin founded OML TV, a popular platform dedicated to streaming and curating quality, queer female, video content and OML Originals, a female led production company telling diverse female stories through a vast spectrum of film and television genres. Today, Shirin guides seekers in her six-week program, Free to Be, to disconnect their human “being” from their human “doing” to find true and lasting fulfillment.

Shirin and I dish on:

  • What it feels like to be on the crossroads of life
  • How we are all disconnected, to various degrees, from our soul
  • The difference between your soul and your spirit
  • How your life journey impacts your children
  • Taking life a little less seriously and having FU

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Resources mentioned:

Purchase Love-Based Feminine Marketing

Shirin Etessam’s book: You can purchase Free to Be: A Six-Week Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul at https://www.amazon.com/Free-Be-Six-Week-Guide-Reclaiming/dp/1637585462 


**Contact Shirin Etessam via Facebook or https://www.shirinetessam.com**
**Connect with Julie Foucht via Facebook or www.juliefoucht.com**



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