“Source is my source”

These words are framed and hung behind my computer where they are a reminder of this fundamental truth. 

Source is the source of your abundance. Your job is to remember this truth, to feel it in your bones, and to open your channels so that you are able to receive all the abundance you desire.

Yet, so often women will get caught in the wound of “Not enough”:  “Who am I to teach others? Why would anyone listen to me?”, and so shut down their channels of receiving. 

I’ve come to recognize this as the wound of the feminine.

Society teaches us, still, that although we should do it all… we are not worth what a man would earn for doing it all. We have to work harder, be smarter, in order to make a percentage of what men do. Oh, and make sure the house is clean, the laundry done, the kids picked up from soccer.

On top of that, there are people who’ve done it longer, have more credentials, and more street cred. Women get all caught up in one more class, one more certificate, one more modality before they will “be ready” to let their magic out in the world.

However – Source is the source.

While Source is the source of your abundance, Source is also the source of your wisdom. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for training. 

Learn the basics, then take classes that expand your knowledge. Enroll in business building courses so you know the keys to building your practice. Too many coaches and healers make too little money because they are taught to coach, or do Reiki, or NLP, but are never taught business skills. 

Then open your connection to Source, sending your ego that wants to get it perfectly right out to play and surrender to the wisdom that wants to move through you.

Don’t wait …. There are peeps who need you now. They need what you have RIGHT NOW. When you learn that new modality, there will be different people who also need that. 

This is the basis for magic, innovation, and healing in the world. 

With all my heart,

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