Last week we held Grammy Camp, 2023.  This is the 6th year and I decided to make it an Amusement Park Extravaganza. With 4 grandkids aged 9 – 11.5 there were LOTS of ups and downs. 

Churros, ice cream, popcorn and Dole Whip were all big hits. Bedtime, when they were all exhausted and missing the parents, was definitely a down side.

And I’m already missing them all.

I love Disneyland. The theater of it, with different scenes laid out around each turn, merging from one land to another. And it’s nostalgic for me, having been raised on visits to “The Happiest Place on Earth”. California Adventure and Universal Studios were equally magic, each in their own way. 

But the most important part is the memories. My grandkids will remember the experiences we had together. Hopefully they will each gain a little something. They will remember that they are special. That they are worthy of each of them getting their own Butter Beer. (3 thumbs up! One went right into the trash).

I am so grateful that we were able to do this. 

It’s not because I’m lucky.

It is because I’ve made deliberate, and sometimes difficult, choices in my life. I left a marriage that never really worked (despite giving me 4 amazing children) and let go of friendships that held me back. I said no to opportunities that sounded fabulous, but didn’t quite feel right. I choose to allow my spiritual self into my business coaching, transforming the way I do almost everything. 

All of those things felt scary, yet Source always had my back

Saying yes to my desires, opened the channels for more money to flow. Becoming visible with my abilities to see across the veil and channel messages about business made marketing 1000% easier.

Leaning into the Akashic Records to help my clients release the energy blocks that keep them stuck has made them more successful. 

And money comes to me now in a way it never did before. With ease and love and in ever increasing quantities. 

I want this for you. 

Whatever your version of “Grammy Camp” is, I want you to have it. 

We’ve opened the doors to our next Art of Feminine Business Sistermind and you are invited to apply. 

We will work in both the Feminine and the Masculine realms, at the highest vibrations.

Together we will:

  • Clear your energetic blocks, opening the channels of money flow
  • Craft marketing that is unique, fun and effective so you attract the right clients whenever you need them
  • Package your magic in ways that serve your soulmate clients perfectly, making it easy for them to say yes to your offers
  • Put in place your money systems so you can receive more
  • Tap into Source energy to create strategies that are aligned with your Soul purpose, and are right for you
  • Discover innovative ways of doing things that elevate your business above the normal and into respected thought leadership
  • Celebrate you as a Goddess, Witch, Priestess while providing the accountability to get things done. 

There are limited spaces available. So schedule a call with me today to see if this is a fit for you.

With all my heart,

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