I love group work.

The sweetness of sisterhood that comes together to support and encourage each other makes my heart sing.

Often, in the sistermind groups I create, the relationships last long after the group program concludes. The women continue to collaborate, celebrate and lift each other. Last year I even had a group contact me and ask me to facilitate a retreat for them. It had been years since they had been in a program with me, yet the connections were still strong.

This is because women were designed to create in community. We are designed to hold each other though our pain, help each other heal. We are meant to bounce ideas around, fill in the gaps in each other’s plans so that all thrive. So that the planet may thrive.

Society pits women against each other. I was once a member of a women’s networking group, and the board president told me I had become too visible and too successful. I should quietly take a back seat and not draw attention to myself. Instead of celebrating my success, they felt threatened.

I wish I had the clarity back then to explain how my success created an energy of success for all of us. That being around successful people pulls everyone up.

But the patriarchy has its talons deeply embedded. The unconscious message is that there is only room for one woman in the board room, and her place is tenuous. To be at the top you must push down the competition.

The Feminine Way is different. It calls us into a collaboration that raises the vibration of everyone involved. Money responds to this new vibration, flowing in every increasing increments as it frolics in the tides of love. New clients are magnetized to this higher vibration, wanting to experience it themselves and willing to pay for the experiences. Your message is then spread across the planet so that those who most need to hear it, may.

It’s super fun when you meet someone new and they say, “Its YOU! I’ve been following you for a while and love what you do.”

This is the value of Sisterhood. This is why I’m starting a new group this fall. 

This is a small group and half the spaces are already claimed. So, if you’ve been feeling it, let’s have a conversation to see if this is the correct path for you to achieve your income and influence goals. 

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With all my heart,

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