I’ve been in a small internal battle lately.

My inner control freak is… freaking out.

She wants instructions on exactly how each of the great ideas floating though my head is going to come into the world. She wants diagrams and road maps and calendar reminders for every… little… detail.

At the same time my inner hedonist wants to lay in the sun and watch bad TV. She wants a looonnnnggg summer break of doing nothing. 

When I give into the control freak, I immediately move to the land of shoulds. I should be making more money (and no matter how much I make, in the land of should it’s never enough). I should be doing more things …. I have a whole list of them. I should be making a bigger difference… and instead I’m a little, lost nobody. 

…. The list of shoulds is never ending.

Then comes the fog of comparison. I can’t see clearly though the fog. I spend my time looking at what other people are doing and judging myself based on what I’ve made up about their life and their success. It makes me sad and embarrassed

When I give in to my hedonist, I get bored pretty quickly. I can only watch a few hours of bad reality TV at a time. And I’m normally working on an art project while I do it. Doing nothing just doesn’t do it for me, after all. 

Both my inner control freak and my inner hedonist live at the bottom of my energy.

When they start to battle, I know my job is to raise my vibration and elevate these parts of me into new jobs with better results.

I begin by reconnecting with Source. I open all the energy channels and flush out any energy that is not mine and is not serving me. I let go and surrender, floating on the energy of Source. As it flows through me, I remind myself, “Source is my source.” 

I ask the energy of my Business, “What do you need from me today?” Sometimes, a small task list emerges. I ask the former control freak to get those things done. She loves getting productive direction. 

Sometimes my business asks that I rest, or go to the beach, or walk in nature. My inner hedonist lights up at these suggestions. She really doesn’t want to just lay on the couch. She wants to celebrate life, dance in the sunlight and laugh. 

In this process, the correct things get done for my highest and best good. My clients are served, my mission is expanded, my life feels full, and….

…. Amazingly

…. Money flows to me.

This is the Feminine Way. 

Curious about how you can make more money by giving up control and shifting into the Feminine Way? 

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With all my heart,

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