“I believe in you.”

I say this often to my clients 

These aren’t just empty words of encouragement.

They are a  response to what I’ve been shown by the emerging energy of their business,   a  business that is longing to be born, through them, into the world. This expression is my supportive resolve that the highest and best results that are possible.

Often, when I first meet the energy of my client’s business, it is during our initial call, as we are deciding if we are a match to work together. Images push their way into my consciousness, urging my human ego to be quiet so they can speak. 

So often human language cannot capture the vibrancy, passion and pure, joyful spirit of these images. The images need some interpretation, and the client and I sort through until we feel their truth. 

“What,” I ask, “is the meaning of three umbrellas with the rain falling beneath them?” Then I look closer and see that the rain is actually the energy of money flowing abundantly into the receiving channels of my client. 

“There are,” I tell her, “three legs of your business for us to work on. Let’s begin by mapping them so that you have a pathway to follow.”

And what could it mean when a tall, narrow ladder is pushed aside by a giant, pink puffball, and all the men at the top of the ladder fall gently into the puffball? The puffball represents divine feminine energy. The ladder is a masculine strategy for success that is no longer working in the world. 

And when a white sparkly cloud emanates from a woman’s throat out into the world, easily, sensually, truthfully? The word “million” sparkles throughout this cloud. This is a woman with a message that is longing to be spread across the planet. 

I can say, “I believe in you” because I’ve seen what their business can become, who they become as the birther, the witch, the High Priestess of their business. I’ve seen the magic they are meant to create, the success they are meant to achieve.

I know that you have magic in you as well. I know that your business is longing to flow into the world in a bigger way, you are meant to dance on a bigger stage (otherwise, you would not have read this far). 

I encourage you to have a conversation with the energy of your business. Ask to see a vision of your wild love affair with the energy of your business, how it allows both of you to grow. Ask to see your highest and best success.

Then hold onto that image on the dark days, the grumpy days, the “go piss off world!” days. They will come, because you are human. And then you will bring that image back, come back into a relationship with your business, and the sun will shine again.

I believe in you!

With all my heart,

PS – I still have two spots open for the next Art of Feminine Business Sistermind. Let’s chat (you, me and your business) about how the Sistermind can help you reach that vision.

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