I recently saw a Facebook repost that said, “Did you know using the word awesome is wrong and sinful unless you are talking about God? Yep.”

Apparently, to be in awe of anything other than the aforementioned God of the poster, was idolatry and sacrilegious.  

So, when a client mentioned that afternoon that their Highest Self was “awesome”, I laughed. 

“Yes, yes,” I cheered her on. “Your Highest Self, the part of you that connects directly with the Divine is awesome. The part of you that brings Goddess energy into the world through your acts is worthy of worship.”

Yet, the word worship is so heavy with meaning for so many people, especially those of us who left organized religion because it didn’t allow the divinity of women to shine. Being asked to worship again brings images of being prostrated on the floor before some man who the organization has deemed worthy of telling us how to live, how to be, how to receive blessings from the Divine. A man who withholds most blessings because we are women, sinners responsible for the first sin of seeking knowledge, the first sin that led to the pain of all the world.

Yuck. That just feels like crap. 

I recently began listening to a new podcast called “Witch and Goddess.” The host talked about her own journey with following Goddess energy. Instead of using the word worship, she transitioned to devotion.

This much more clearly describes our highest and best relationship with the Goddess within.

What would be possible if you were in devotion to the Divine Feminine that lives in you? 

And she, in turn, was in devotion to you?

What would shift in your relationship to your tribe members if you first recognized and honored the Divine in them? How would your marketing, your sales conversations, your delivery of services change?

What if we all were in devotion to Mama Earth, the me that I walk upon? What if we felt the energy of the bees, the trees, the animals both large and small and recognized them as being made of the same divine energy as we are. As being part of the larger US.

And what if you were in devotion to the pure, divine energy of money? To receive it with a grateful heart, flowing it through you to others with an energy of awe? 

Wouldn’t that be awesome??

With all my heart,

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