What’s the worst thing anyone has ever called you?

Have you ever been called a Demanding Manipulative Bitch? 

Has anyone told you that you were too much?

Too emotional?

Too loud?

Too needy?

How about being called bossy? Or manipulative? Or weak?

I could go on…..

Do you sometimes feel like you are defective, because you are not male?

That you are fraud because someone else, surely, can do it better, faster, more perfectly?

Or that, maybe, all you are good for is: nothing?

Most of us spend all our time pushing these thoughts away. Trying to meditate or doing deep listening to find the lighter voices. 

To only think, “good thoughts.”

Beloved, I am here to tell you that there IS POWER to those parts that have been shamed and rejected with these wounding words and thoughts.


It’s time to reclaim your power. To allow the wounded you to step into the light. To transform the wound into the sacred Sword of Truth. 

For in the wound, is also the light.

It’s time to give those parts of you an equal place at the table. To honor the pain that they have been through. To see the beauty in ALL OF YOU.

Let’s stop this cycle of exiling our wounds to the dark, stop feeding them a diet of shame, and let’s start nurturing their worthiness and value.

This begins within, when we are no longer available to appease, or please, in order to be accepted.  When we are no longer willing to pretend to be something that we are not. 

That’s why Lindsay & I have created the Honoring the Wounds Retreat: 


As we have been doing this work, we have discovered that it becomes our journey to reclaim ourselves…

And it is a foundational piece of AUTHENTIC MARKETING that heals and magnetizes those who see it!

Join us:

September 25-27, 2023, Friant, California

I will be co-leading this event with Lindsay A. Miller.  She is a masterful transformation coach and incredible photographer.

We begin with a deep dive into your wounds, reclaim the power of the wounded part of you, and heal the ancestral lineage, societal messaging and childhood experiences that contributed to your wounding. 

Leaders must take leaps to capture this emotional power through raw transparency and heartfelt expression.

We then honor that part of you with a photo shoot to reveal beauty and magnetic sweetness within the wounded you. This allows the Goddess, Priestess, Wild Witch, magic part of you to emerge in all her glory. 

The photoshoot creates a range of wildly visible images to use in your marketing or simply as anchors to remind you of your growth. 

Want to see some previous wounds work?


Because of the nature of this event and limited number of women we accept – we need to talk personally to make sure it’s the right fit. Schedule a call today.

With all my heart,


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