Prepare to embark on a journey that is as magical as it is transformative – the beautiful dance between honoring your wounds and growing your business the Feminine Way.

I’m so excited to extend an invitation to you for our next “Honoring the Wounds Retreat: HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR WOUNDS.”

This retreat is designed to honor the parts of you that have been buried in the shadows and darkness, scorned and shamed. To witness with compassion the tears and snarls that you’ve hidden from the world, and  turn your wounds into powerful marketing that magnetically leads to more soul-aligned sales.

Event Details:

Date: September 25-27, 2023

Location: Friant, California

Co-led by myself and Lindsay A. Miller, a visionary transformation coach and gifted photographer, this retreat is not just about healing wounds; it’s about weaving the power of your journey into your business narrative, creating a magical bond with your soul-mate clients.

The Magic of Honoring Your Wounds in Business:

  • Connect at a Soulful Level: Embrace your wounds and vulnerabilities, and you create a connection that reaches beyond transactions. Your authenticity becomes a beacon, drawing others to your work and your message.  
  • Building Trust Through Vulnerability: Acknowledge your wounds. This is an act of strength that showcases your humanity and vulnerability, building a bridge of trust that traditional marketing can’t replicate.
  • Vulnerability is a Superpower: In a world filled with impersonal marketing, and pretty, pretty people with heavily filtered social media, your vulnerability stands out. Your vulnerability is what makes you relatable and empowers you to connect deeply. This heart connection is essential to making sales. 
  • Transform Transactions into Connections: Share your healing journey and transform your business from transactions to meaningful connections. Clients will see you as one who has walked the path before them. Who had felt the pain they feel and knows how to solve their problems. 

Unveil Your Strength: Your wounds are not weaknesses. They are symbols of your strength and growth. Share your story and  inspire others to embark on their own transformation, with you as their guide.

Throughout the retreat:

We will guide you in the art of integrating your magical journey of healing into your business narrative. We use Goddess-led exercises, guidance from your Akashic Records, and spirit guides to uncover your core-wound; and then,

We honor your wound with a transformative photoshoot to reveal the beauty and magnetic sweetness within the wounded you. This allows the Goddess, Priestess, Wild Witch, magic part of you to emerge in all her glory. 

The photoshoot creates a range of wildly visible images to use in your marketing or simply as anchors to remind you of your growth. Let’s infuse your story with magic, authenticity, and abundant ease.

Want to see some previous wounds work?

Because of the nature of this event and limited number of women we accept – we need to talk personally to make sure it’s the right fit. Schedule a call today.

With all my heart,


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