My guest today is Caitlin Spears and she’s a certified health and nutrition coach, fitness coach, and founder of Complete by Caitlin. At 18 she experienced a rejection from the show ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ which affected her relationship with her body and food. 

Caitlin went on to build a successful modeling career and became a certified health and nutrition coach. Caitlin’s mission is to empower individuals to feel healthy and confident, focusing on physical well-being and self-realization. She holds certifications from the IIN Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Precision Nutrition, and ACE Fitness.

It was great to speak with a newer entrepreneur about her journey in starting her business.

Caitlin and I dish on:

  • The obstacles in building a business in a crowded niche industry
  • The value of knowing your Unique Selling Point
  • Marketing tools to promote your (unique) business 
  • And we jumped into some health stuff to talk about meal prep and keeping your body healthy so you can do your work

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