I can feel it in the air when we walk each morning… the turning of the seasons. The morning ocean fog is rolling in a little heavier.

The roads are clogged with school buses and parents dropping their kids off.

I’ve put up my Halloween village and the neighbor has his Nightmare before Christmas blowups out.

We have three months left to finish 2023, and I’m sure it will speed by with travel and holidays. 

I’m looking backward, a little wistfully, evaluating 2023, and  I’m beginning the important work of dreaming forward. 

2023 I named my year “Money Miracles and Magic”.  That was how I wanted to live the year, and I did. (We will all be setting the intention with a group process naming for 2024 the first part of Dec., so watch for that invitation).

The magic comes in many different forms. 

I love tapping into the Akashic Records to  help a client to clear an ancient vow or energy block, then hear the relief in the client’s voice…. “I feel so much lighter” they will say. 

We then discover together the  wounded part that is actually a super power in the client’s own work.

I adore calling in the energy of the Goddesses, giving my devotion, my thanks, my willingness to do the work of the feminine.The Goddesses assure me they have my back as I open my Profit and Loss statement to discover that I’m made more money than I thought.

I am grateful for the time I spend with my grandkids, knowing that I’m leaving them a legacy of love. And I’m grateful that Source provided the resources for this year’s Grammy Camp – the one I’m calling “5 days, 4 kids, 3 amusement parks, 2 tired grandparents”. 

So much magic!

I shift my attention ahead, asking my Record Keepers to show me the highest and best use of my time, what will bring me the most joy? What is the best use of my gifts? What new things want to be birthed into the world through me?

align with my soul purpose before I pull out a calendar commit the ideas to paper… well, to sticky notes, so I can move things around. 

Then I’ll pull up a spreadsheet and map out a money flow. I’ll pinpoint the steps I need to take to make 2024 better than what I can imagine. 

Finally, I’ll give it all to Source as I step into the magic of manifesting.

It may seem like we have lots of time left in this year, however, the feminine takes time to dream, to formulate, to birth ideas. 

I encourage you to start now.

What do you really want? What would make you really happy? 

I invite you to consider sitting down with me to check your alignment, clear your energy blocks, then get your 2024 magical, flexible, feminine plan on paper so that your action-oriented masculine can get up to speed easily as we start the new year.

I have a couple of options for doing this, so schedule a call with me today to find out what is best for you. Click here to schedule.

With all my heart,


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