Last week I was asked to present to a group of business women about one of my favorite subjects: Money!

I am deeply passionate about getting more money into the hands of more women, like you. When a woman has money, she possesses choice.

She can choose to stay in a marriage because it supports her mission and magic or leave because it stifles her. 

She can choose to give to causes that align with her vision for the planet.

And let’s not forget, she dances right into the spotlight, taking her rightful seat at the decision-making table.

When I ask the Energy of Money, what it most wants you to know, it says, “Tell her I love her.”

Money adores you. It swirls around you in recognition of the unique gifts you bring to the world.

Money wants to partner with you to bring more love and healing to the planet. 

Yet, we are never taught this in school

The closest I ever came to learning anything about money was the teacher who explained that if we got pregnant early, we would all become poor and alone, unable to feed all the children we were going to have… awful! He taught a lesson of scarcity that would keep me trapped in an abusive marriage for years. (This wasn’t all his fault- he was just one of the voices repeating this message.)

Here is the truth about money:

Money is the energy of appreciation. It is created from the energy of Source, unlimited and pure. 

The energy is looking for channels to flow into; so,  our job is to open our channels of receiving, becoming pathways for money. Think of it as setting up a pipeline. The clearer and more direct your pipeline is, the more effortlessly money can flow through it.

To guide and support you on this journey:

Track your desires: Desires are the hints to what is really important to your soul. Make a practice of noting your desires each morning. What do you want to feel? Do? Receive?  The energy of desire opens your channels. 

Practice receiving: We say we want more, and yet, so often we’ve shut off our ability to receive by saying “NO”. As women we think there is some value in doing it all, all by ourselves. Yet, we achieve more together. Start by saying “yes” to offers from baggers to carry your groceries to the car. Say “yes” when your partner offers to fix dinner. Say “yes” when a friend offers to help brainstorm a new business idea. Practice saying “yes”.

Talk with Money: Initiate a dialogue. Drop into Sacred Space and ask to speak with the energy of Money. Note whatever comes up for you. (Some of my greatest money teachings have come directly from talking with the energy of Money itself.)

Track with Gratitude: As money flows in, acknowledge it. Be grateful for every penny, as gratitude invites more abundance.

Pay with Love: When you spend, do so with positivity and intention. Add a blessing of love to your bill payment process (yes… even when paying your taxes).

Give to Expand Your Belief in Abundance: Generosity reinforces the cycle of abundance. Contribute to causes you believe in….  your energy will expand, money’s ability to spread love in the world. 

With all my heart,


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